Please get in touch for any business related inquiries!
Thank you, I'll get back to you ASAP!
What tools do you use?
I use Photoshop CC on a Cintiq 22HD for my studio work and Procreate App in an iPad Pro 13'' 3rd generation for my personal work and when I'm travelling.

Do you still sell or will you sell again the Princess Tarot Deck?
No, unfortunately the tarot deck experience was incredibly stressful as I never before sold merchandise and I was very inexperienced. I may start selling merchandise again in the future but it'll probably be something else.

Do you have any advice for beginners?
Keep practicing! There's no substitute for long hours and hard work. You can check out my free and premium courses on the Tutorial page.

What's your background/education?
I have a BA degree in Magazine Publishing and I didn't try to 'seriously' support myself as an artist until 2015, at 25, when I decided to quit my job as a graphic designer and go back to study Animation in my hometown in Italy. Since 2017, when I joined Instagram, I have been drawing everyday, most hours of the day, to try and improve my skills. I don't have what you'd call a classical art education and for all intents and purposes I didn't go to art school. I still can't quite believe that I now support myself 100% on my art projects, but there you go, maybe hard work does pay off eventually!
Is it necessary to go to art school to become an artist?
I don't make use of the word 'artist' very liberally, but no - I don't think you have to go to art school to become a professional illustrator or 2d artist. Because of my unorthodox and somewhat scattered art education I'd say it's more important to practice and put the hours in, than simply 'attend' a school for 3 or 4 years and be declared fit for work. I do think it's important to find the right mentors and to take some courses, especially to learn the fundamentals, but after that it's very much up to each of us to never be complacent and push ourselves where we know we are lacking.

What graphic tablet do you recommend for a beginner?
I get this question a lot. So, there are basically 3 kinds of tablets out there: Pen tablets (they don't have a screen and need a computer to work), Pen displays (they have a screen on which you draw, but need a computer to work) and Pen computers (they have a screen and work on their own, like a computer). Pen tablets are of course the cheapest option (even under 100USD) and I think for a beginner they are the best choice. They are not as intuitive as the Pen displays since you have to look at a screen and move your hand on a different pad, but they are still very responsive and they will allow you to figure out if you like digital illustration without breaking the bank. I would recommend and pen display or a pen computer only if you are taking your passion to the next level and getting serious about it. Unless of course you have the budget! In terms of pen displays my favourite is the Cintiq, while for pen computers I have an iPad Pro and haven't used any other brands. Honestly, the Apple Pencil is so good and smooth I don't think I'll ever change!

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